My Santa Hat Tradition Begins

It’s November 2003 and I’m waiting. Waiting in a long checkout line of holiday shoppers at a chain bath and bedroom store, happy to be out with my twin teenage daughters on a sparkly fall day. As I gaze around, I notice some ruby red, plush Santa hats displayed near us and casually try one on. No!…put it back–don’t need it and DON’T need to spend an extra cent, just this once. But as the clerk rings up my purchases, the magic of the hat and the joy of the day merge and well up, and I reach for a hat at the last minute. Best purchase I ever made. Donning that rich red hat every year since then has brought so much inspiration and such an array of experiences. I told myself I’d remember them all. But of course, I haven’t, couldn’t. So, I decided to capture this year’s adventures wearing THE HAT in this blog. Soon. In just a few days, I’ll go up to the attic and find the Christmas box and start my ninth season of The Santa Hat….

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2 Responses to My Santa Hat Tradition Begins

  1. Senior Santa says:

    I love santa and really like this blog thanxs for sharing and doing it.


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