Surprised by Grace in Unexpected Places

Swaggering behind the meat counter at Whole Foods, the hip, attractive, twenty-something dude waiting on me compliments me on my Santa hat. As I watch him put together my order, I figure what the heck, I’ll ask him what he’d like for Christmas. He’s so full of confidence, braggadocio even, I assume he’ll ask for a shiny new car or tickets to a pro football game. SO WRONG! When I pose the question he takes a long pause. Then he looks me in the eye and says all he wants is peace. Peace for his family, peace on earth. Yahoo! How fantastic to be surprised and proven wrong like this. Time and again. The old, curmudgeonly woman passing me on the sidewalk calls out at the last minute: ” Love the Hat.” Several shopkeepers I’ve patronized tell me they look forward to my wearing The Hat every year. A young man at CVS thanks me for wearing my Hat–it gives him hope. Me, too.

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