Yes, Virginia, There Is Totally a Santa….

I pull up in my car, late to a meeting in Hartford first thing Monday morning. No parking places left on the busy street. Until I get out of my car, wearing The Santa Hat, and a man suddenly appears and calls out to me that he’s leaving and I should take his spot. Excellent. Then the workout wear I’ve been yearning to buy to replace my ratty old stuff is not only on sale, but also the 30% off promotion has been continued through this morning. And then at the register, 2 tops I was trying to decide between have apparently been mismarked and the 2 together actually cost what 1 alone would have been. Excellent again. The usually grumpy baker at the cafe is all smiles. More open parking spaces materialize. Traffic light after traffic light turns green as I approach, smoothing my path on a series of errands. Sure. We could say that it’s all coincidence or probabilities. But I like to think it’s the magic of The Santa Hat. Or at least the magic of believing. Who was it who said we don’t see the world as it is, but as we are? And then there are the priceless moments. The man waiting at a bus stop, who, when I pull up next to him at a stop light, breaks out in a big grin, gives me the thumb’s up and shouts, “Have a wonderful holiday!” A proud dad hurrying his 2 handsome little boys to school sees me and we share a secret smile of….what? Joy? Laughter? Wistfulness for a childlike sense of wonder? Who knows, but it warms the heart. I wish a great day out my car window to the firefighters taking a break outside their firehouse and they break into big smiles and heartily return the good wishes. SOOOOOOO grateful to wear my Hat.

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