Hair Fallout :(

Bad hair. That’s one of the consequences of wearing The Santa Hat. This little hat o’ mine is quite plush and my head starts to heat up pretty much on contact with The Hat. Soon after, my scalp’s in a full sweat and all hair under The Hat is completely flattened. The wavy and curly hair below kinda poofs out even more by contrast. An upsidedown U with wings sticking out. That’s my head shape when I remove The Hat. I know, I know–sounds superficial. Bad hair v. spreading a positive vibe, connecting with people, and making someone’s day. I’m just saying. The fantastic news for me is that my hair is already crazytown this morning, so adding The Hat to these unruly locks will actually be an upgrade. And now that I think of it, I could view it as multitasking. Wearing The Santa Hat, today I’ll be sprinkling good cheer AND taming at least the top half of my hair, a kind of walking flat iron. And no electricity required, so it’ll be the green thing to do, too!

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2 Responses to Hair Fallout :(

  1. Cynthia McCormick says:

    Love the blog. I can comment on work computer so glitch must be at home.

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