Cookie Devotion (Part I)

Yahoo, there they are! I spot the disaster relief workers I’ve been hoping to run into and thank for their tireless efforts to clean up so many towns in the region in the wake of October’s ruthless nor’easter. I’m taking The Santa Hat for a walk around the neighborhood on a recent sparkling day. When I ask the relief worker where he’s from, he drawls Arkansas with a shy smile. A long way from home. After I thank him and his coworker for all they’ve done, I’m ruminating about how long they’ve been on the road. I’m surprised out of my reverie by the friendly call of the driver of the car behind the truck. He leans out his window, shouting “ho ho ho, Santa!” with a smile. I thought he’d been unable to pass the huge truck, but it turns out he’s the monitor for these guys. He’s thanking ME for thanking all of them. I guess some folks have been thankful and some have not. Wow, really? I ask the monitor where they’ll be next, quickly formulating in my mind a sprint home to bring them back some Christmas cookies. Which I set out to do, Santa Hat bobbing around my head in a happy dance. Quick thank you note, cookies on a paper plate, dash off in my sleigh :). They’re gone! I decide to continue to scope out the neighborhood and finally spot the monitor’s car. I pull over and give him the cookies. I wave a thank you to all as the workers give me a thumb’s up and devour a cookie each (yes, they’re still working). LOVE THAT! Love another random connection made. Maybe even made someone smile. I thought that was the end of the story, but it continued hours later. Which I’ll write about next time…

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