Pink Peppermint Stick Ice Cream w/A Side of Cookies, Please

Will it really help to eat that?  I’m thinking yes. It sure sounds tasty.  Goodness knows,  I need somethin’.

I’m mulling over the post I want to write about The Santa Hat and the concept of play.  And I’m just a tad off my game.  I need to mull more.  (That’s fun to say, but I realize if you say “mull more” quickly a few times in a row, it’s kind of a tongue twister.  Maybe it’s just me.  You try it.)

 Yes, I wore The Santa Hat today on my walk and my errands.  Then when I headed to the mall, I decided I was going to take the night off.  I’ve been wearing The Santa Hat virtually every minute I’ve been out of my house for the past 3 weeks.  At the last moment, I threw The Hat on my head as I left my car.  I hadn’t walked more than three feet when the only person within 50 yards started shouting something cheerily to me about loving the festive spirit.  This is not unusual.  And I do love it.

The Santa Hat draws smiles, comments, even confidences.  Strangers ask for specific gifts.  Or ask me what I will be giving them. When I entered the large department store’s shoe section, the woman next to me immediately whispered the confession that she was leaving to check out another store where the service would be better.  Then she apologised for being negative when I was demonstrating such great holiday spirit.  That’s ok. 

A sales clerk at another store then told me a story about how she had tried to wear a Santa Hat at work and had been reprimanded.  She then came around the counter to give me a hug. 

Wow, I forgot about that till just now.  Which is one reason why I’m so grateful to be writing this blog.  To remember.  And also to appreciate humanity more–there IS a lot to appreciate.   If anyone’s reading this, thanks for listening.  I feel better.  I’m not sure about the vast “snack” anymore. Oh, well, maybe just a cookie… or two.

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