Dance of the Santa Hat(s)

Open Letter to the Universe

Dear Meghan,

When you asked one of my daughters whether this blog would be turned into a dance, I was stunned.  No!!!?  Yes???! I hadn’t ever thought of that—-….. :>)

But, as I begin to contemplate wrapping up The Ol’ Santa Hat and putting her away for another year, I’m sad.  And  I realize that choreographing a piece would keep Santasticness (yes, that is absolutely a word in Santahatland) in my life longer.  And that would be a good thing.

So, Meghan, maybe.  Just maybe.

Hmmmm.  Not sure what that would look like.  Anyone have any ideas?

This is what I mean when I say it all matters.  You matter.  We all matter.  Even if what we offer at times may seem small, even insignificant.

We have a spark of an idea. Or a scintilla of help.  Or a morsel of kindness.  We go ahead and share it and SHAZAAAAM!!  It makes a difference. I may just have a new dance, thank you very much, Meghan.  And definitely more joy.

And BTW, Faraway Linda, if you hadn’t asked me to write a dance blog, writing THIS blog never would have crossed my mind.


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2 Responses to Dance of the Santa Hat(s)

  1. Meghan B says:

    Chloe! This warmed my heart, as does your entire blog :-). I can’t wait to see where your dance of Santasticness goes!

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