How Do I Hold Onto It?

I get to this point every year.  As my time wearing The Santa Hat winds down for another season, I wonder how I can even come close to having this sense of connection with other people? 

Sure, I try smiling and looking for opportunities to chat with folks.  But The Hat sends such a strong signal of openness, playfulness, lightness.  I can’t seem to approximate that without The Hat.  And people don’t respond in the same way.

My younger son suggests that I wear The Santa Hat way beyond the holidays.  Hmmmm.  I’m not quite ready to do that, although it could definitely be an interesting social experiment :).

I guess for now, I’ll go back over this season’s memories and hold them as close to my heart as possible.  And in a few days when I put away The Santa Hat  for another year, I’ll try to pretend for as long as possible that I’m still wearing it!

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