Merry Christmas–oops– and a question

Merry Christmas!!  I was sending those wishes all day yesterday, Christmas Day.  I hope you had a lovely day.

Why didn’t I post that? I guess because I kept speaking it and my Hat kept saying it.  I assumed everybody heard me.

And, truth be told, although I thought about this blog a lot on Christmas Day, it was mostly that I kept trying, trying to work out how to proceed.

Sure, there are a few more days of The Hat.  Like today, when I was wearing my Santa Hat to the pharmacy and an older gentleman cried out in dismay that I’d missed his house last night!  And passersby continued to comment and smile.

But as these adventures wane for another year, I’m realizing how much I’ve loved writing.  How much I’ll miss it.  And I’m wondering whether there may be something else to write about till next Christmas.

So, tomorrow I’m taking The Hat on a road trip.  To the ocean.  And I’m hoping that the sea will once again give me an answer.

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