Surf, Santa and a HAPPY New Year

Yes.  The Santa Hat and I made the trip to Coast Guard Beach on Outer Cape Cod.  I think it was The Hat’s maiden voyage to that magical sea home to so many of my treasures.  Experiences, memories.  Dreams.

Near gale-force winds roiled the ocean into huge waves that thhhuuuRRRRRooommed onshore.  And whipped and yanked at The Santa Hat.

I kept grabbing at it and clutching it to keep it on my head.  Just as I try to hold onto The Santa Hat’s magic, as it and I get jostled and tossed by life’s challenges.  (Nice imagery, Mother Nature).

When I returned home and went for a walk today, sans Santa Hat, I was reminded by the eyes of passersby of why I love wearing that Hat.  I smile the same smile, reach with my eyes across the chasm between me and other people.

But, no.  The doubletakes and grins, the openness, the sense of possibility are often gone.  Just like when I walked in the dark recently.  I passed one house just as the homeowner drew the curtains across the twinkling lights, warmth and color inside.  And I stood outside facing a blank.

So, as I was being blown around at the ocean, I asked her how to keep alive this sense of possibility, connection and adventure. The answer was rich and right there in front of me.  The sea!!

So, I’ll pack Ye Olde Santa Hat away in the Christmas Box, thankful for another year of laughs and cookies and connections.  I may write once in awhile about that Hat.  But mostly, I’ll be writing in my new blog,  About beauty and the sea and things that enchant me.  Hope you’ll visit.  And I wish you a gorgeous and happy 2012. LOVE    


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