Does Santa ever get sad?

And if he does, how does he handle it?  I’ve been wondering this over the past several days when I’ve been feeling pretty blue sailing through some rough seas.

Trying for cheery posts for the blog, I’ve come up dry.  It didn’t seem fitting to write something really sad, so that as much as I wanted to craft a post, I couldn’t.

I’ve even been struggling with getting that Hat on.   Or I’ve had to swipe tears away hastily when I’ve been out in public. Should I take the Santa Hat off if I’m crying, the way I did a few days ago?  It feels wrong to be teary while wearing the hat of a “jolly old elf.”  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crying Santa and didn’t feel like blazing that trail then.

Yesterday, I decided not to wear my Santa Hat to a challenging event.  Just couldn’t put on the show.   Plus, I thought that maybe if I gave it a break, I’d come back strong today.   I decided that instead of staying silent, I’d pose my question to the Universe about Santa and sadness.  I have to say that writing has once again worked its magic in shifting things so that they feel better, clearer.

I did wear my Hat today, and loved a few delightful encounters.   I’m hoping that I may still be able to get back in the game.  I remind myself of my post about how it can be tough to be joyful–I’m feeling it.  I’m wondering if I just need to keep showing up, with my Santa Hat and my good intentions.

Wishing you joy….

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