Santa Hat Chronicles Is Moving!

I’m consolidating my two sets of writing onto my Sirena Tales site at  I hope this will make things simpler and easier for reading what I’ve got to offer.

My writing experience reminds me of that quotation “[s]ometimes on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one” (thanks, Lisa Hammond). When I started writing about my Santa Hat experiences a year ago, I thought my writing would end with that holiday season.

But, no! I was bitten–or smitten– by the writing bug, and I have loved ever since writing about cultivating a sense of passion and enchantment throughout the year.  So much so that the expanded quest for everyday enchantment has subsumed the wonderful, but finite, magic of the holiday season.

Soooooo, to integrate all I’m discovering on this broader journey and to avoid confusion, I’ll be housing all of my posts on that Sirena Tales site.  I will continue to focus on the magic of the arts, beauty, kindness, humor, creativity, cooking, generosity that make every day life shimmer.  (That’s the plan right now, anyway–but see above re: “[s]ometimes on the way to a dream….”)

My Santa Hat moments from here on in will be posted there as part of the overall tapestry, amidst the other threads of enchantment.  I hope you’ll visit!

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  1. Reblogged this on Sirena Tales and commented:

    All of my posts will now be on this Sirena Tales site, including the Santa Hat moments.

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