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Sirena Tales

IMG_0128Note to self: just follow those 3 simple, but not so easy, steps and life will gleam more.  That’s what a few weeks of intense dancing and baking have taught me.

For the life lessons that both passions have provided me again and again are, remarkably, the same.  And pivotal. ( If only I’d figured this out sooner….)

Sure,  the “respectable” tenets that I’ve lashed myself to for the past half century may have their place, guideposts like conscientiousness, responsibility, discipline and self-motivation.

But it’s these other, lighter but invaluable notions that make life, and me, sparkle.  Notions like flexibility, flow and joy.

Countless other experiences can offer the same radiant teachings.  But since the metaphors of dancing and baking are my touchstones, I’m running with those.  (Your metaphors go here__________ :)).

1. Loosen up. See also, open up and lighten up.  Julia Child said it perfectly: “The only real…

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