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Santa Hat Chronicles Is Moving!

I’m consolidating my two sets of writing onto my Sirena Tales site at http://www.sirenatales.wordpress.com.  I hope this will make things simpler and easier for reading what I’ve got to offer. My writing experience reminds me of that quotation “[s]ometimes on … Continue reading

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Does Santa ever get sad?

And if he does, how does he handle it?  I’ve been wondering this over the past several days when I’ve been feeling pretty blue sailing through some rough seas. Trying for cheery posts for the blog, I’ve come up dry.  It … Continue reading

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Thank you

I’ll make this brief. When I started writing exactly one year ago, I sought to provide a bit of shine to the world for a few weeks over the holidays by sharing some heartwarming stories that mattered to me.  I’d … Continue reading

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