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And baking for as many as I can.  Yessirree, it’s time to fire up that temperamental, “vintage” oven of mine and crank up the BAKING, y’all.

I just checked, and the local project (East Hartford, CT) for donating and packing some love and cookies for troops overseas is ON for this Sunday morning, 12/2 (cookies accepted until 2 p.m. at South Congregational Church, 1301 Forbes Street, East Hartford; for more info, email Frank Forrest at

So, my clan will be making cards and mixing a positive vibe into recipes old and new for those generous, brave folks so far from home.   I’ll toss on my Santa Hat to bring cookies for that project and then to some firehouses and a nearby soup kitchen.  Hoping to spread  goodwill through homemade cookies.

Ahhhhhh, baking!  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  It’s magical. The alchemical blending of some powders…

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